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It must have been a difficult journey;
The path your life has taken;
To make you not trust another;
And left you feeling forsaken.
In bitterness and anger;
For past wrongs and betrayals;
You keep a safe distance;
So if approached you would avail.
The wound inside your spirit;
That mistrust will not allow to heal.
Is compensated with fears and doubts;
And prevents your heart to feel.
For you vowed that you would never;
Get close to anyone again.
For a heart that has been broken;
You spend your life in defense.
Lone wolf is what you are;
destined to be alone;
Fearing love and intimacy;
Making nowhere your home.
The only one you truly punish;
For the hurt you feel inside.
Is the wolf who shies from happiness;
Because of your wounded pride.

© L0NEW0LF71 


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