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I SWEAR IM NOT HIGH (comedy poetry)

No, no I'm not high you can ask the man standing beside me, The man who's always been there for me. When I went to jail he was beside me, when I went to Walmart (not sponsored) when I went to Walmart and got thrown out he was there, when he wa- what do you mean there's no one there?
You see this guy standing right beside me he is standing at 5' 2" been my best friend since the age of two, and yet I feel as though he isn't even real because no one even talks to him...
Even if he was fake I swear IM NOT HIGH and if I was why in the hell would I go off around town, that's just plain stupid. You always look at me like I'm crazy and stupid and blind and yet honestly I don't even care. Now I may not be high but I can say one thing I think I may be drunk.

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I SWEAR IM NOT HIGH (comedy poetry)

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