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Lightning flashes and thunder rolls;
Darkness shrouds both world and soul.
Ancient crones stir their noisome stew,
Cackling shrilly as spells they brew.

Eye of newt and wing of bat,
Mixed in a churning, bubbling vat.
Gestures are made and words are hissed;
Cloaked in fog and swirling mist.

Toothless gums gape in ghastly leers,
Sowing terror and nameless fears.
Nourished by cruel and venomous spite,
In hideous dooms and curses they delight.

No mere story to frighten child,
No enchantress of visage mild.
Twisted of spirit; warped of soul,
Shriveled heart black as coal.

Felines stare in cold disdain,
As innocent victims writhe in pain.
Darkness is split with thunderous light,
Revealing a scene of horror and fright.

Spawn of evil, childe of night,
Absorbed in abominable, fiendish rite.
Fingers as talons, eyes as flames,
Lips whisper vile, unholy names.

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