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'Tis the Season- A dark Christmas poem

This poem was written during a very dark, cynical time in my life. Perhaps you have experienced a similar time in your life.

'Tis the season of gifts and good cheer;
Yet the days can so often be drear.
A time of renewed dreams and hope;
Yet the blind in their darkness still grope.

They search for a bright light to guide;
And drive out their demons inside.
Seeking a cure for their pain,
Searching for sunlight through rain.

Unwilling to admit what they seek,
their chance for success is quite bleak.
Fighting for a cause long since lost,\
Unwilling to pay what it cost.

They are living a life of delusion,
Becoming trapped in a world of illusion.
They pray for an end to it all;
Like Lucifer after the fall.

Their future is spent in the past,
Hoping the memories will last.
Laughing, while inside they scream,
Caught in a nightmarish dream.

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`Tis the Season- A dark Christmas poem