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My Father

In years gone by, there lived a young man;
Strong of will, for his beliefs he'd stand.
Rash and impetuous, his emotions ran deep;
Yet his word was his bond, his promise he'd keep.

Though only a youth, he knew the horrors of war,
Endured many hardships, and sufferings bore.
He met a young woman who captured his heart;
Their love was true, that was the start.

The man became husband, and the woman his wife;
Their road was not easy, but they walked it for life.
His wife bore him children, a girl and a boy.
Though his burden was greater, so was his joy.

The lessons he'd learned, by determination and sweat;
Of hard work and honesty, paying of debt;
Were passed on to the children in both word and deed;
Thoughtful example, motto, and creed.

Now the young man's grown older, and the children gone,
Scattered like seeds on a freshly tilled lawn.
Some may grow wild, and some straight and true,
Yet wherever they go, and whatever they do

They'll remember the life of the father who cared;
The lessons he taught, the love that he shared.
When their own trials come, as ever they do,
They'll remember their parents, whose love was so true.

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My Father