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Long ago they walked this young world,
Loved their offspring, around them curled.
The world was a savage, bestial place,
Ruled by this reptilian race.

They spread 'cross the land, from shore to shore,
Whether savaging plants, or bathing in gore.
They ripped what they wanted from the youthful earth,
This land that sheltered and gave them birth.

Arrogant beyond belief, with no thought of tomorrow,
They lived in the moment, no time for sorrow.
They ruled this earth far longer than man,
Without opposable thumbs or large brain pan.

Now they are gone, and rock has replaced bone,
Immortalized in granite, or simple shale stone.
What will others think, when our bones are found;
When the human race is no longer around?

I doubt if we will inspire such awe and wonder,
As our mighty predecessors, with steps like thunder.

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