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From Love To Ten

1 Being away from you kills me, on the inside,. And on the outside,.
2 Honestly I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you
3 When we first met you had the most bedazzling look on your face, you brushed your hair away from your face and as you spoke it drew me closer and closer to you which finally lead me to say hi.
4 After a week of talking to you I still never caught your name but at last your name was my angel because every bit of you reminds me of heaven.
5 The reason I haven't told you how I truly felt is because I'm afraid it'll go horribly wrong and you'll never speak to me again.
6 To the dude who's with you now I will never try to take a girl from you or anybody in that matter, but if you hurt her I'll hurt you (in a word to word way.)
7 No one ever taught me about love, but what I've learned over the years is that girls or women are not a test you simply try over and over again until you get a (perfect score on) because really there is no perfect score in my eyes each relationship has there flaws and in the end it all works out... but a woman isn't a test... she is some one you love not based on her looks but for who she truly is, love all her flaws and always respect her needs.
8 I'm sorry if that was stupid...
9 Every flaw,. That you have I simply adore... ( in a manly way) the way your hair falls when you let it down, the way you walk drives me crazy. I can't even walk into the same room without the fear of bursting out how I feel or my heart will beat so loud everyone will hear and laugh, but what I will say... what I can say is...
10 All I can say is I love you and only you and I wish that one day hopefully you... may love me too.

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From Love To Ten

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