DJ party

Shocking party in the jungle

Under the heavenly roof

Stage décor by Full Moon

The curtain of falling snows

And Stars flashlights

In Niche under canopies

Woo” whistling chilly breeze

The wild life's rocks

"DJ" party in full swing.

Wolves in pack howling high

Twilight spots guide for others

The ramp on rocks, at top of the den

The roaring lion with its pride

The ramp on meadow mats in green

Trumpets of an elephant with their herd

Remix with breaking boughs

Haha Hissing snakes in the holes

Baba Buzzing wasps in the bush

Folk tuning locust on leaves

Gleaming bucks with white spots

Jumping on riversides

Bulls and lambs with shining eyes

Rock on Rock on Fullmoon Night

all the bird's wings, mash up song

Hooting owls with camera eyes

Echoes broadcasting bats on plums

Rock on Rock on this full moon Night

Thunder and lightning heavy rains to begin

"Dancing Jungle" in its full swing tone.

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DJ party

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