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Good  Morning
There is an unspoken energy that leaves me jumping, a tipping of the scales.
Weighing heavy on my mind, a composition of another kind.
My body can't move fast enough, my mind runs to fast, my soul watches as the two dance past.
Lost the rhythm lost the grace, the staggering morning is in my face.
So when I find my place All chaos will vanish without a trace.
Sometimes I dance and kick my feet up high, sometimes I find wings to fly.
When there are ruckus and commotion I reach for a quiet moment of unfailing words of devotion.
The calm will arise and meet me with rested eyes.
So take a glance at the circumstance, and give this day a better chance 
There is a choice to find life's qualities and find the warmth with a second glance
Good morning to the day may peace find a place to stay

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