At the doorway of the village
Dawn beams, spring blooms
Rocking band of birds in foliages
Gentle breeze tunes the song
Moves through the paddy fields.
The village boys wake up wake up
Wipes the gloominess on the face..
From the huts cooking odor rolls up
Milking horned cattle's in the shed.
Oxcarts laden with vegetables moving in streets
Bicycle bells ringing at all times.
The little roving gangs are ready…
Let us do the cattle's graze in fields
Climb on the trunks of a mango tree
Descend like bats and eat plums
Move with swarms in the wilderness
Tasted sweet honey and few stings
Ha ha laughs like crazy boys in pain…
Collected stumps from bushes
So soon group the games
ends with the livid fights
Colored buttons scattered down
The trousers wore are torn
The Dude who is close to home
“throw them a bone “ of the size
Wipes the gloominess on the face..
Attributes win the hearts
They are the village boys
Writing on the Mountain rocks
Carving names on the barks
Hiding tools in the box
Keeping always smile of friendship
They are village boys

In lunkis and turbans
Gather at the coconut farms
Toddy and the beedis on their Lips
The cheerful party begins
While the cattle's hay that catches fire
the lovesome boys became petty tyrants
Some elders gave beats with a cane stick
Ayooo ayoo… Screaming for the help
Taking bamboo poles strings and hooks
With earthworm baits, Catching a lot of fish
kept in mudpot covered in coco leaves
then jumping into the pond and swims
enjoying in the eves…the village boys.
the lantern flared up into the streets.
The witch and wizards stories haunting
The Granny always warn with that
Gleaming moon and scintillating stars in the sky
Flared up fireflies as buds in the bushes
the village stories and scary beliefs
Mesmerizes comes and goes in their way
But they are brave and brash
Boys in the day and night,
Endures pure air, water, and land
Lifetime happiness for village boys.


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