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The Young Poet

 A light bright and fading fast a soul leaves
 never caught a smile nor a touch so soft
 he ran so fast he forgot to look once more
 each tree he planted never took root
 he just blew away with the wind one day
 blond and sensitive was he with words
 he wrote from the heart..

 Though he was young he knew his heart
 he wrote down his hurts tearful in vain
 he left like a rose drying in the summers sun
 all marks carved in gold never felt earthly joy
 he gaze above the clouds saw wondrous beauty
 soon he left to live a life a new so brand new
 this young man of love and beauty bid fare-well
 to the world of poetry..

 He now writes poetry from far, he touches heart
 he brings what was and could of been in play
 he brings harmony in the mind of a young poet
 he lived way before his time this young man
 he left much to young but he will always be
 in the minds and hearts of all who love poetry..

 Dedicated to----Edward Vincent 


 By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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