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Sand Land

Cold and hungry, I roam this desert wasteland; through miles and miles of sand dunes.
The walk is fruitless, in this heat and I need to rest my scorching feet
 I must find water just one drop in this empty land and calm the shaking where I stand.
The sun blazed right above my head, a relentless heat the grains of sand begin to cut my feet.
Dear Lord, please lift me from this desolate place, I feel my life start to drain only death will end the pain. 

Down one dune, up the next, some say this is the home of a sinners test.
No water, no food, nothing good about this place.
Many days have passed with sweat and tears,  I faced my darkest fears.
Forward through the deserts inferno, onward I go, a scene that had no change
Now every step seems agonizing and strange.

Will I find my life slipping away, I will not see another day.
My eyes so wide I see my spirit hover above my face
Alone and frail, I wear a greater shade of pale.
Something inside draws my spirit to return 
I feel a steady burn. 

Rising to my feet, still, somewhat asleep, I hear taunting screams
Then I walk away from the nightmare of my dreams
Awake at last, leaving the hellish images in the past 
Nothing is as it seems, upon awakening from my dreams
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Sand Land