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A Good Man (Act 10)

There was a good men; a good man indeed
Who generously gave to those in need
A man of good standing in his neighborhood
Wise and respected, known for his good
He believed in God and prayed everyday
Surely he would see heaven on his dying day
This story of Cornelius in Acts chapter 10
Encourages us to look again
Parallel to a man in John chapter 3
The church leader Nicodemus didn't see
It is not about the good things that you do
But about the good thing that was done for you
A good God sent His Son to die for your sin
Your only true good deed is belief in Him
Nicodemus and Cornelius would testify
It's not about the deeds seen by human eye
Yet about the deed that is done within
When by the Holy Spirit you are born again
Cornelius was an earthly good man
But before God his good couldn't stand
The good he did was headed for hell
Look at the Lords mercy as you read this tale
God received his prayers and good he did
And His grace was no longer hid
God made a way for Cornelius to know
And gave Peter a vision that change him also
Together they learned salvation was for all
For any who hear and accept the call
And a answered question for us as well
God does not send good people to hell
As long as we understand this
Good is what God says it is
Only God is good and true good is in Him
We're only good through Christ when born again

J. Moore

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A Good Man (Act 10)