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Higher Power

It was a very good day. My family was on their way.
Twenty-one days of rehabilitation I could walk again
Without hesitation.
I was lucky to be alive I don't know how I survived.

The eighteen wheeler jackknife,  and took out my car and three other
Cars as well seemed like the day from hell.
I don't remember much except that pain and death was all around, in the 
Air and blood-stained ground.

The next thing I remember was the life flight to an intensive care facility
I could hear the helicopters whipping blade, then all seemed to fade.
Next thing was my family at my bedside,  I wanted to ease the tears they cried.
I was being prepped for emergency surgery, now a member shows up from the clergy

Since the accident, I've lost a lot of time, but it is probably better that way, the pain,
and morbid detail  are of no avail a lot of the suffering would get in the way, my recall could 
Come back on another day, for now, my progress coming along just fine. 
Seems the Doctor was concerned when he first saw me my heart monitor flatlined.

Many asked if I recalled what occurred, there is just the fact of everything seemed blurred.
Lots of rest would be the main factor of recovery, it was a close call of the truck and its tractor. 
I will be heading home this day, as we gather I thank God as we pray.
We have a power greater than us all, sometimes that power will be there when we call.

I do believe in miracles I must say, for the Good Lord sent my Guardian Angel that day.
I believe God heard the prayer I prayed  I was so close to death on that torturous day.
There was a greater power that stayed by my side every step of the way, now I am thankful
I can walk away.
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Higher Power