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What Does Life Mean?

For all of us, it may be different; no it is!
For me, here is what the meaning is:
Befallen dost all take;
Before, in all, creating heartbreaks;
Believeth in what is, can, could, or would be
Believeth water propagates the growth of any kind 
Sunlight grows merging brightly 
Moonlight takes away darkness from the night
Oceans are endless Seas of life 
Filled with possibilities and of strife 
Soulfilled placidity lives deeply within 
Call upon oneself's, a higher power, to make thy soul glim
Refreshen the mind with your Heaven's Space 
Surrounding one's heart with His or Her place 
Accepting what one knows with what is truly
Doubt not all your pains 
Doubt not they're real and so are the gains
Doubt not what one cannot see
Faithfully accepting is truly key 
Believeth our God's one within religious circles
Acceptance is cene. 
It's obvious to me, what this freedom will ring.


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What Does Life Mean?