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Come to Live the Dreams of Yesteryear

Sleep is weaving dreams of epic days of yore
When adventure would wait from shore to shore.          
The purity of land and oceans deep, were crystals,
Gems of  light and mysteries would unveil the mist of

Songs would whisper love and give fair maidens
enticing circumstance,
the enchanting dance would lure romance
in the glow of soft moonlight.
The sleeping forest would wake to hold the sight.

Kingdoms would rise and fall, while chivalry stood wise and tall.
The wild held mysteries that intrigue the books of 
Royale histories, past all living memories 

So In these dreams grows freedom, love and vibrant past
They recall the echoes of the nightly task that clearly last.
So sleep in dreams of yesteryear, and free those adventurous
Seeking tears, and soothe the heart of silent fears
Yes, come to live the dreams of yesteryear. 

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All rights reserved 

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Come to Live the Dreams of Yesteryear