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Eternal Light

The soft laden time of triumph
Or disaster fills the void much faster;
To hold the hand of my dear,
friend who stands beside me
Until the end.

I weep not for the closing tear;
Our God, he will draw us near;
His light will shine and cast out the night,
The blue flame of purity flickers brightly.
Sweet sorrows take leave

Casting its presence with mortal strengthening 
In all comfort the heart retrieves.
In silver linings of distant clouds
The voice of joy becomes vibrant sounds, so stands
The silhouette of archangelic shadowing wings
A flight, a noble flight, this moment brings;

The voice of Heaven gently sings.
To ease the mortal sting,
So drift on crimson skies of dawn,
Feel Freedom's flight, held in the balance, day or night
Springs forth radiant eternal light 

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All rights reserved
S. C.

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Eternal Light