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Care of All Life

There was a small bird perched on my windowsill outside
Soft yellow with black wings with a sweet tune to sing
Just a windowpane apart, a beautiful small bird so happy and free
I walked out to my garden, the day was fading fast when the little
Bird flew past

Flying so close, I heard the flutter of his wings, he lands on the Maple tree
Suddenly he is gone
I've not seen the bird since that day or any of his kind since he flew away
It was many summers ago,  I thought by now he would show
I knew him once, yes, his flight to freedom, flying from his now hidden place
I'm hoping he remains strong and full of grace

I hope he was not the last of his kind. As my thoughts connect a single feather I Find
Could it be a remnant of his existence he left behind 
The sun peaks through my window, on this soft September day, the trees move in a passive way
I rise to have a closer view when in my window stood not just one yellow bird, but two
Soaking in the dawns warming hue, as they shimmered in the scintillating morning dew

( Many of our birds are becoming endangered. The Yellow-Breasted Bunting, Snowy Owl,
Forest Owlet, Atlantic Puffin, and more, the earth is changing in climate and natural habitats 
Are being destroyed. We must preserve the balance with the care of all life.)

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Care of All Life