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Lost Dream

Only one lost dream walks in the cold night of Neverland
A landscape of fruitless trees increases the torment of stormy seas
The sails are somewhat frail, the lesson stays hidden within this tale 
The captain abandoned his ship and he securely seals his bottom lip
A mast intwines the twisted line and slips away from the light of day
Neptune rides the tide where mermaid's children hide and fair the bumpy ride
A sheepish look from sharks release their battle cries, their turmoil becomes their ties.
The school of fish becomes the sailor's dish. 
The mirror of time has reflected  life and death and takes the air from Lost dream's final breath 
The phantoms of the waters brine have breached the hands of time.
The lost dream becomes submerged then swallowed by its purge
The wounded dream has voiced its screams.
Stingrays cast their stare, the lost dream disappears
Thus becoming the nightmare of Atlantis' flooding tears. 

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Lost Dream