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Season's Apart

When summer begins to close, look to welcomed Autumn rose.
When trees array in Fall's display, then come the moments of shorter days
Pines dress all year round, to witness the snow cast ground
A cooler breeze will dance through leaf shedding trees.

A family of squirrels ready for colder days that interrupt their natural play
Grey skies look to Autumn's eyes to weep upon the earth mourning lost
of Summer's youth, and it's warming worth
Harvest comes and goes the north wind nears for winter's show.

I walk the glen with my children way back when, now a lovely Lady, and five grown men,
Blessed us with many grandchildren, I linger in leisure walks once again.
The Autumn nears, and a chill appears, a memory of Autumn's flame of yesteryear.
I cling to the golden rays of summers days, and vision refreshing seashore haze.

In any season of the year, I feel the love we have here, my heart will dance in your
Warm glance and in any other circumstance.
I hold the seasons of the heart with the newness of the spring, and long to hear your
Voice in campfires when you sing.

So here's to life from start to end, and to you my lover and my best friend, Bless you 
My Dearest, in spring or fall, and keep the flame within when winter's squalls
Take my hope and wrap up warm, my love that holds our hearts and know
I stand beside you when every season parts.

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Season`s Apart