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The Story Unfolds

So serene on the golden day of Summer's gift
My spirit feels a light and lifts from mortal sight
The song of peace draws near, a melody so clear
In lyrics outstanding charms I reach for your loving arms.
Yet, solitude speaks loudly, it's purity stands proudly 
At the crossroad, I make my choice and follow a warming voice
Wind and rain has made a claim, my searching eyes wear no disguise
Suddenly a light moves in, a mist of dazzling blue follows near light's side
I am not wrong to believe the Earthly mist and light gently guide
No place for doubt or foolish pride; quality awaits patiently on the other side
A song of welcome rings through the air now washing away the tarnish of despair.
My family and friends await me there, in solemn shades of gold the story softly unfolds

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The Story Unfolds