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Another uplifting story and I also have a family friend named Vivian who is like a mother. She wants to
usetechnologytoliftperson up and I am inspired to do the very same. My prayer is that God blesses you and your friend Ms. Vivian just like He has blessed us in the name of Jesus Christ. poetrypoem86

Rating: Excellent
PEOPLE COME AND GO YET SHE REMAINS IN MY LIFE -- This mentor has made a huge difference in your life and my prayer is that you can make a difference in someone else's life just like she has made in your life in the name of Jesus Christ. In addition, you can share this story with her and others who can be inspired by this mentorship. poetrypoem86

Rating: Excellent
ACCEPTING WHO I AM IS THE BEST I DID FOR MYSELF -- You are blessed and highly favored just like I am and God accepts us exactly as we are. Bytheway Crayola.com has some professional development opportunities in the form of free webinars and I am also inspired to help the English Speakers of Other Languages. Khan Academy is also helpful especially the Grammar course, which does not cost anything. Their mission is to provide free, world-class education for everyone, everywhere. I am wishing you and the students the very best of luck and may God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ. poetrypoem86

Rating: Excellent
I BELIEVE IN ANGELS BECAUSE HE SHOWED ME ONE -- This is very loving and beautifully written
.Touching and special, thank you so much for sharing your work. Sonja, Allseasonsverse

Iabsolutly LOVE this one! :) -- IP:

IF I HAD THE CHANCE TO LIVE ALL OVER AGAIN -- Sallie you are blessed and gifted beyond measure and you will go very far with your poetry
endeavor ,Thank youforsharingyourheart strings through your soul prints with all of us here in the poetry community because I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here with you today, Feel free to stop by anytime,God bless you in your journey. Dean, poet3238

THE CANINE BUDDY WHOSE PRESENCE I MISS -- Sallie, The title to this caught my eye. I'm so sorry...and I can relate to your pain. Our pets are part of the family. I lost many I loved in my lifetime...the last a little bird I had raised from birth. It hurts, I know. God bless you. Doris/

All you have to do is find a song over the Internetlikeonyou tube or playlist.com and then copy and paste the code in the place you write your homepage stuff into and it will work that way. dreamsofeverysoul

THE CANINE BUDDY WHOSE PRESENCE I MISS -- A sad thing when one loses a pet. After all, they are our best friends really...They don't judge us..I just saw the GBU and realized what it meant..I came back to say GBU, too.....LOL. Sandy poetic2050 and welcome to poetry-poem...

PARANG TOTOO'NG PANAGINIP -- Kung minsan ang panaginip ay nagsisilbing babala para sa atin o sa mga mahal natin sa buhay. Kadalasan may mga nagsasabing kabaligtaran na totoo nga naman. Pero sa mga nabasa ko patungkol sa panaginip na matatagpuan sa Biblia napansin ko lalo na sa panaginip ni Jacob na tunay nga na naki pag-wrestle sya sa Anghel. Kay Daniel naman, more on symbolohya sa malayong hinahrap ang kanyang nakita. Sa panaginip mo dito, ito'y patungkol nga sa trahedya. Ang ginagawa ko sa ganitong uri ng panaginip ay inilalapit ko sa Maykapal at akoy nananalangin para sa aking kaligtasan ganun din sa kaligtasan ng mga mahal ko sa buhay at maging mga aking malapit na kaibigan. Isuko lang natin ang buhay natin kay Jesus na ating kaibigan at tagapagligtas, gaganda ang ating panaginip at buhay. jozel jerez

MY DREAM LAST NIGHT -- A GOOD Write!!  signed poetry7904

i  like  this  one... so vulnerable... for whom? (if i may ask). dawn062604 aka Vivian

SHE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN MY WORLD -- nice writing, check out communityzero.com.

NGAYON -- I like this poetry. it's inspirational. pakiramdam ko, nabuo ito para saa akin. parang kinakausap ako ng may akda at sinasabi sa aking tama na ang pag luha sapagkat ngayon ay may pag asa. salamat sa may akda. kittiecutecat of FFF. gnacion@pciasia.com

hisallie, checked & read some of ur collections... grabeee nakakainlove mga works mo ha - just keep it up! ara321_2002

A HEAVENLY GIFT -- Hi Sallie. I've been reading some of your work and I especially like this poem
.Iagree, it is a pity that people don't show such loyalty as dogs do! People often seem to have ulterior motives - dogs don't, they just love! Visit my site at 'Illusionary World' - tell me what you think. Take care. Helen Radford

Rating: Excellent
SOLITAIRE -- Very true. Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU --Vivian is just another coward woman not deserving of your love. Please open your eyes and look at the bright side. -- IP:

Hi Sallie, You seem to have a lot of years of writing behind you, that is wonderful! Sounds like you have had a very busy life too. So
,how easy is it (or hard is it) to get published? I have written over 300 now. I love reaching out with the LOVE of God through my words! Christina poetrypoem.com/92671

hi there this is blast219fromfff, they are awesome(the poems) take care...it's

I am speechless... From redi2luvagen aka Lyle

I like your poetry. I enjoy reading your works
.Sanai'm blessed din with that talent... hehehe! keep up the good work! meow! kitticutecat of Makati

hello ...thanks for the email @filipino
friendfinder..i like ur poems.. keep it up..good luck.. god bless.. and more power.

Good write-ups here ha. E-mail me sometime and share some tips on creative writing. Keep up the good work. quite_exotic4u

i  was really touched by your poems, and i can empathize and sympathize with what you went through...some people don't know how to accept rejection, and will really do anything to get back at the person who rejected them...again i am happy that you got through it with head held high, and that the person who really means the world to you stood by your side. as i told you before...MORE POWER. Gina Dizon

reading your poems makes me feel you're just near. do always communicate with your heart through any "weather" and never lose hope, got it? Vivian (2004-08-13, 12:55:47)

THE CANINE BUDDY WHOSE PRESENCE I MISS -- Wonderful story on DC! Juan Jose C. de Leon of Cebu

hi there...you've got awesome stuff in here
it up! ;) Cielo D. Evangelista (2004-06-29 05:37:43)

only  i can say is , thanks for loving me and yung mga poem mo magaganda lahat, salamat at isa ako sa naging inspiration mo, AISHITEIRU....
ZUTTO AISHITEIRU.....I LOVE U FOREVER! kiss_me4ver2000 aka Cristy (May 5/04)

Hi there…did I ever tell you, I’m your number one fan? I didn’t? Well, I really wanted to tell you that…for me, you’re the best! If I’dchoosebetweenzeekee
and your poetry, I’d  choose  yours…why? SECRET! Thank you so much, you’re the best I ever had in cyberspace and you will always be special to me. allee137 aka Pam (Feb. 21/04)

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