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Listlessnesses Witch

Condescending, contradicting, cold, listlessnesses witch
Rebuking all that is God Given in timelessnesses stitch 
All that you can devise, say, and rip into hate from love, say you 
Only from Hell's Pyre dost thou words ring through 

That that has damned and tormented you relentlessly spawned witch
Taketh man from your heart and dusted him to putrid pitch
The words you spew are contraindicative and cursed doom 
Finding everything contrary but you and your witch's war room 

A spawned witch from Hell sent for the degradation of motherhood 
Hellish lingo spews further damning the union of witch and Nothingness 
What thou hast writ or shalt writ God condemns as Heretic's Fallacies 

For God's Reign is Supreme Over Heaven and Earth

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