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Realities Stinger

It was an answered prayer that was sent in my direction
A good warm radiant light filled the darkest night
I would not know what stood before my eyes
The open wings of destiny heed to a battle cry

Scarlet  atmosphere reveals the racing sun  
A mystery eludes on the run
Sounds of cannons, bombs, and guns
Battles wage in armors rage 

Years later a child of peace is born
Conceived in love,  he walked with both beast and dove
Within his warm soft soul, the ability to end the purge of scorn 
He walked with Kings and Generals and consoled torment of the torn 

Peace comes and passes again as the soil bleeds 
Within history germinates flowers among the weeds
How do we identify the tainted seeds
If we could omit injustice, wars of greed
thrive in compassion's need

In all reality, we witness the song we bring, along with life troubled stings

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Realities Stinger