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Me Rambling On Life

Time is not about the essence in the world it is about the memories that you share with the ones you love, and yet sometimes the ones love leave and you get hurt but hold that smile because you remember all the good times you've had with them. At the best moments in your life happen in an instant life and death is one thing we all see in our time, and yet there are accidents that are caused that lead to that death and sometimes they lead to life. Life is not created by accident every life is cherished and held close, and nurtured, by the end of it we all see something we are not suppose to see it haunts us and there is nothing we can do so we live with it. I out of all people know I am not perfect and in the end that is what keeps me going knowing I am not perfect I am only human and I am happy for that.

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Me Rambling On Life

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