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Billy's Fear Kept Him Strong

Little Billy went to the lake.
He saw a big black snake.
His sandals filled with fury took
Him away, in a hurry.
Thank goodness he got away, Billy
Didn't know what his Mother would

His heart still beating fast, although
The danger had passed.
He told his Mother what occurred at the
Lake, and how scared he was of that big
Big black snake.

She said, "You are so lucky he didn't get
ahead, Water moccasins can spring 6 feet!
They are the most vicious creature you'll
Meet!" Then she motions for Billy to take a

Billy's eyes were as big as can be, he was relieved 
That he ran away free.
He told his mother his fear took his best, now
His cowardly ways failed the test.
Billy's mother sat with a smile and told him
That he was wrong, that his fear is what kept
Him strong.

He did what was wise and got away, his safety
Will bring him another day.
So Billy was spared and relieved with the words his mother shared.
Yes, it is fair to surmise,
to run from any black moccasin
Would be wise!

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Billy`s Fear Kept Him Strong