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Young Pastor

In a small town near the mountains stood a small cabin. The home of a young child, and his Mother.
His father was lost in battle his service to home and country, greatly mattered.
A  beautiful array of flowers circle this modest home. 
The backyard, a white picket fence with multicolor rose vines giving warmth to a small shrine
All enclosed the cemetery for five generations of family, where his Father is laid to rest.
A headstone that pictured William Senior in his aviator's vest.
Beyond was a field of alfalfa hay for their Black Angus Cattle would eat on winter days.
A garden of fresh vegetables near the cabin's south side,  the table filled the air with an aroma so fair.
A generous scent of down-home country pride.
Orchards of apples and cherries, and bushes of blackberries.
An organic vegetable garden and fruits, a cornucopia  full with the finest, purest food
Life was plentiful and good.
Work and play filled this child's day and soon candlelight was lighting the young 
Boys study place, the Good Book and the verse of Genesis,  and a studying look.
It was sad to know, that a garden paradise, would reveal a tragedy of mankind's fate,
that eventually seals Eden's gate.
He could not understand why the serpent no longer walked or how it even talked.
The young boy cried when he realized that mankind is born and someday will die. 
The young boy's Mother walked with him in the garden's moonlight splendor,
A bond so fond they stood by their mighty oak tree were fireflies danced free.
The night was calm and every now and then stirred a gentle breeze,
The home was with rolling hills as far as the eyes could see.
The young boy by the name William would dedicate his life to God,  he knew his calling that night
William started right away that day it was not his nature to give away to stalling it would not be right.
Time moved quick, then faster, before his Mother knew it, Her son became a Young Pastor.

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Young Pastor