Little Fish On A Hook

Little fish on a hook
The little fish in a shoal
Moving with its friends
It's a gait for the stomach
Saw bait in the river
Gulped down in water
Alas! Trapped on the hook
As a streamlined silver locket
It pulls and pushes
Shine in the silver string
Tosses to and fro to save its life,
But the hook pierced deep in muscles.
Gill flowers open
Breathless in the breeze
Eyes brim with tears
The moments of swing
between life and death
O! Sharp pointed hooks
Caught in buccal bleeds
Tail fins jerks in the air
Scales shines in sunrays
With blood, sweat and tears
The swing of life and death
The rising guts for life
Suddenly broken the chin
It tilts, jerks and jolts
Yes like a silver coin
Hit and rolls on the bank
Plunges down into life flows,
Brutal hours of struggles
Seldom dare to live
“Never rise to the bait”
Moves to its school
The little fish learned.


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Little Fish On A Hook

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