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A Look Beyond

The lights of the city can be seen from this hill.
Neon Glow the metropolis night show, man-made
 light will come and go. The light of countless moons and stars 
Shine in space and fill their given place.
Interstellar rays now fill Voyager ways beyond our universe 
Unmanships moves forward in a ventured cosmic glare a ship that breathes no air.
How small a world that lights our way that holds the beams of night and day.
A speck of stardust a bit of trust, and prayers the starship doesn't fall to rust.
The mind expands with space demands, in different worlds our technology stands.
So who will be the first to shake our Makers hand? (NASA's pobe Voyager 2 is approaching 
The end of  our solar system and taking A look Beyond)

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A Look Beyond