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Beyond The Garden Gate

Behind The Garden Gate

Everyone needs a place to put worries and heartaches aside.
A place that brings to us more smiles than tears.
A place where peace makes its' presence known and
tomorrow, can be left to face tomorrow.
My place...?
Lies just behind my garden gate.
I had only seen pictures of what was to become my home.
I knew the apartment my Son had rented for me was only
Eight Hundred square foot, but that was about all I knew.

Kenneth had sent me pictures of course, but it was hard
to visualize myself actually getting to California in the end.
At that point in my continuing journey it was hard to make
myself believe that anything would ever be the same.

I must admit thinking a lot of how in the world I was going
to fit belongings of a three bedroom, two and a half bath house
with double garage, into an eight hundred square foot apartment
that I had only seen in pictures. Not realizing as yet
how much of my life, as I had known it, would have to be left behind.

I spent a month alone in what is called a weekly in Nevada
just after Hersh passed away. My emotions were all over the
place while staying there. It was too soon I think to be alone.
Too many hours to experience such freshly haunting memories.
I just thank God for the one normalcy of that
every morning call between a long time friend and myself.
A home! I needed some form of security for what still lay ahead.
You really don't know what a wonderful feeling it was
when I learned that my application for here had been accepted,
And that my son was flying in the next morning to rent a truck
to salvage what we could from my yesterdays, and to finally
be leaving for my tomorrows and a whole new way of life.
When I arrived here . . ?

Yes the apartment was very small
but after my first initial reaction I found myself placing pictures
on the walls in my mind and furniture placement the same.
I realized that what I so desperately felt I needed to find in Nevada
I had now found in a new state, within a tiny garden apartment,
which sleeps peacefully within small town USA.

You may be wondering why I would use this picture to start this
attempt to find my way back to Aspiring's whisperings.

Let me introduce you to Matilda Mae, so named by Aspiring and
who will continue the next part of this little story.

I hope you can find your way to join us.

To be continued . . .

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

HeartWords Treasured

I wish for you a quiet place of peace.

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