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Leo's Hunt

I heard a distant roar.
I see the birds lift away so many in flight it blocked the light of day.
I see a clearing as the roar of the beast is nearing.
What chance stands true when human quality is hard to view?
The beast is on the run, and his hunt has begun.

Take the open worldly plane and he will bring me down with violent pain.
Hide in the jungles mist and he will strike me with his mighty fist.
Swim in the rivers flow,  his fury will follow wherever I go.
His claws are sharp and strong, his fangs are extremely long.
The Roar is now ahead, he will devour me before I am dead.

The King of a world so wild his bite is never mild.
He hungers for mankind,  his searching eyes haunts the mind.
Please tell me this a bad dream, and I will awaken with a scream.
A reality is calling the grasslands of Leo's Kingdom, rules with claws so cruel.
He will make me his dish in his savage hunger wish.

A herd of deer appears, now I breakaway and manage to live that day.
So close an untamed land, I am thankful to finally stand.
A jet will fly me home, far away from Leo's roam.
Now I'm safe if you now hear my screams.
 Leo has only captured my bad dreams.

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Leo`s Hunt