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I Will Love You For Ever And Ever

I Will Love You Forever And Ever

There must come a time within grieving, that for self preservation,
I must somehow find my way to again search for the
Warmth of sweet memories, erasing the pain of yesterday.

With pen in hand I reach within my heart to somehow find the words
To try to pay tribute to the man I knew and loved as Hersh.

I remember so well the moment this memory was captured.
There was no sign of illness. No signs of stress.
The struggle had yet to find a way to begin.
To see your eyes smile once again within this moment of time
Brings you back to me as if you were just in the next room.

In this picture you were just grandpa.
The grandpa proudly watching your grandson
As he began to explore the world of computers.

This same grandson is now Thirteen years old.
It is hard to believe that our 'little Joe'
Is well on his way to growing up.

We were blessed with two children. Kenneth and
Kimberly gave to our hearts six grandchildren.

Jacob, Andrew, Kendra, Joseph, Solace
And our youngest Sofia, each having their own
Special memories of you.

Our little Sophie saying ''Grandma, I miss grandpa''
Speaking for each of them.

We had quite a lifetime you and I.
Like everyone we had our mountains to climb.
Somehow you would always come out swinging,
Convincing me that I could do the same.

You would not believe me when I would say to you
That you were an inspiration to everyone you met.

You fought Polio from the age of nine months old.
Living in a hospital till the age of five
With many surgeries and alone your only companion.
Not knowing what home would be like yet
Dreaming of what you hoped it to be.

For you, home became yet another beginning
Of a very sad chapter where abuse found
Its way into your lifetime.

When you are young you do not understand abuse.
Is this just the way life is meant to be?
With no real comparison, denial became your comfort
And hauntings of that time, were left to you in manhood.

You lived a life that many would have
Turned their back on and become very bitter.

You? Not on a bet! You were always there
To give advice or lend a helping hand. To reach to a heart
That was hurting and do your best to ease its pain.

I am so proud of the man I married.

I walked beside you for almost Forty-eight years
And knew of no one that met you that did not
Admire you for all you accomplished in your lifetime.

When I spoke to you at our ending saying
''Hersh, I will love you forever and ever'' with you
Repeating the same words to me just after,
I knew you had given yourself permission to leave me.
I knew you realized I accepted that you must go.
You were tired of the struggle and wanted peace.
As hard as it was to loose you I wanted for you the same.

''Hersh, I will love you forever and ever''

Written in loving memory
To honor my Husband and Best Friend

Hershel Gay
December 14, 1944 - March 24, 2018

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

May 3, 2018

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I Will Love You For Ever And Ever

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