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Lord, if it is You

In the fourth watch of the night, in the middle of the sea
Then winds now contrary to the waves around me
Tossed to and fro by the circumstance
In the dark of the night there appears to be a man
The first thought was a ghost, or the angel of death
So I cry out in fear with what faith I have left
But a familiar voice replied out of the sea
Do not be afraid, recognize, it's me
Peter answer Him “Lord if it is You”
Command me to walk upon the water too
My reply should be of the same mind
Although the wind and wave are so unkind
In the dark of the night, I see the figure too
Command me to come, Lord, if it is you
Not only to the shore along the dry ground
Not only where the still waters are found
But in the midst of a boisterous and angry sea
Where the thunder and lightning roar at me
As the assembly of the crowd yell “crucify Him”
Lord, if it is You, bid me enter in
Into the fellowship of Your suffering
When the torn in my side continues buffering
In the shame of the cross, Lord bid me share
For the power of Your resurrection is also there
Lord, if it is you command me out of comfort's zone
Where circumstance may draw me out alone
Out where the situations cause family splits
And social status my toss me into the pit
Where Peter loss sight and began to sink in doubt
If I should slip you'll help when I cry out
Just give me the courage to step out in faith
Step into Your Spirit and walk on the waves
That those watching may see and believe
That it is you, and through you we achieve
Matt. 14: 22-33

J. Moore

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Lord, if it is You