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Autumn's Rain

The last blaze of Summer's passing shadow melts the moments of Autumn's song
A blending of heat and chills moves across the dawns soft rolling hills.
The land stands armored in dead leaves, releasing spring and summer's kiss, and sealing 
What the heart will miss.

There was a heart of true love that walked the rolling hills hand in hand, where season's sweep the land
A golden moment takes its shine and hope and faith cross the line.
Tending to the day's demands the peace and sunlight still warm the hand.
My heart aches with silent ease to touch your face and hug you as I please, but your shadow has moved on.

So in the golden moments past, my soul cries out in love that last, grey clouds form an overcast.
Rain bind the leaves of summer's crop, as tears of loneliness start to drop.
The void has filled the hourglass with time's scattered grain's, life will never be the same, I whisper your name.
Our time as one still remains the same in the reflections of Autumn's rain.

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Autumn`s Rain