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Fatal Fall

She felt her hands slip away, the angry Sea was below.
She falls into the choppy waters where splintered ships sadly show.
She cannot run and hide she is pulled by the forceful tide.
Her bruised and battered body cries out in pain her tears are not in vain.

The sound of a foghorn in the distance, then all fades into the darkness. 
Susan disappeared, not one thread of her existence left behind. 
Into the deep blue sea, her body will never flee
Many years have passed since that night when Susan disappeared from sight.

People of the town has seen a lot of death on Clippers Shore, they have seen the 
Spirits of its the victims drift with winds and brine, a prison of their time, Susan 
Walks the water's edge, through choppy waves she will dredge.
Her haunting cries fill the star cast sky, a gloomy place where bats fly.

On the eve of all souls, the marigolds adorn the southern shore and the victims of the tide
They are  Pulled for a choppy ride, the spirits rise with hollow eyes and drift the deadly wave, to 
Beckon the souls from their watery grave, but just one night in the moons silver light, the souls walk brave
Back to the collection of souls, that occupy the coves dark and mysterious cave.

When you hear the moans of the lost, it is a chill greater then frost.
Stay clear of the water's edge,
Know the hunger of the spirits will be fed. 
A mighty call comes from one and all. It all began with Susans fatal fall.

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Fatal Fall