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I.M.KING, Silverback

As he slowly awakens, he thinks;
What,  what,  wait, where is this, where am I?
Black bamboo tree's surround, eating? I can not.
Where's my troop, all my children?

All the screeching and flailing about, the piercing sounds
His head, tiredness, and vision become clear.
Anger and violence-engulfs-enrages implodes, a tempest explodes within him

Ripping, shaking, tearing, pulling, pushing, shoving with his mighty strength 
To no avail, can he get away from the moving room he is a captive within, 
Before he surrenders, he re-engages all the power within him; 
Colliding with the black bamboo trees, he pushes his way through.
In his hopelessness, the mighty Silverback escapes the captivity.

From the very protectors that are now the poacher's cruel. 
He now heeds to his fathers' fathers father native heritage domicile,  
The grasslands so thickened in deep greens and bamboo shoots. 
Above in the mountain peaks in the clouds and skies of brilliant blues; 

The Volcan rules, thunderous shaking of his kingdom
Renews his return to his homeland from whence taken
The young, Im, Silverback is greeted by his troop; family,
Leading Im immediately to his father, who lies near death.
Im did not know his father was injured when he was a capture, 
He had been hit in the eye, with a dart, as his son was a subdued
See, Im was the target of a privateer who wanted a Silverback for his Zoo; 
A young Silverback, with the Blood of Kings, would only do. 

Continued in Part Two

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I.M.KING, Silverback