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Terra's Verse


Unfortunately, Earth does not have a voice
She does know how to show us by giving us a choice 
Fluorocarbons take her breath away for oh so many years 
The man had the sense to put them in arrears 

Stratusphere, Ionosphere, so many spheres within spheres;
All arranged to perfection to make the atmosphere
Protection by ionization of radiation from the sun

Without that protection well that would be no fun
Nighttime ionization occurring by Cosmic Rays
Aurora Borealis Aurora Australis is always why they stay
Ionization creating, radio propagation too, all within the atmosphere
So I can talk to you

Weather and electricity are formed there too 
Heavier charged particles colliding with energetic electrons
To keep the Earth sky blue   Same with the  Auroras;
To make their colors true.

Clouds are made of tiny water drops or ice condensing in the air  
Moving and dancing around like cotton without a care
All air contains water floating all around 
Condensing into vapor before it hits the ground

Majestic snowtopped mountains high up in the clouds
Every climber's dream but don't scream too loud
Standing upon a precipice, high upon a ledge
You must keep your nerves, so you don't lose your edge

From the mountains, thaw streams and rivers flow 
Flowing through the lands to make our Ocean's grow
Gravitational forces from our Earth, Moon, and Sun
Keeps the tides flowing for a little summers fun 

(Our Ozone Layers has a lot to do with the Greenhouse Effect and the Increase of the Overall Global Temperature.)
(Increasing Global Warming through Greenhouse Gases, not allowing the heat to escape into space.)
Former Vice-President Al Gore spoke repeatedly on this topic over 20 years ago about this Global crisis.
He still speaks about and continues to represent this crisis at the U.N. level.
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Writ 02/24/2018 Rev. 10/10/2018

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Terra`s Verse