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Lost  Glove

Lost gloves are always my downside. Fall cleaning revealed many right-hand gloves.
So a box filled with assorted colors of cotton and leather gloves are stored away for 
Another day,  Mix matched to line an insulate will be used at a later date.
Not one pair to match or coordinate, but that has always been my gloves fate.
Long ago when the problem appeared my mother made sure my gloves attached to my coat
Winters pass and I outgrew my lamb coat fleece my gloves were finally released, but since that day
My gloves won't stay and they almost always slip away.
My Granddaughter and I were building a snowman on a beautiful cold day.
When I noticed she only had one glove, seems she's inherited my glove dilemma also a trate
Of Great Grandmother Ema.
So winter can be a lot of fun with snowmen and Angel doves, with a constant reminder
Of a missing glove, but always warmed with understanding and love.

( Dedicated to my loveable Granddaughter)

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Lost Glove