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Loving Wife

Please don't leave me, without a word anything could happen; I might not see you again.
We are sure in our life I am your best friend I am your loving wife.
Holding our life dear it all began here,  back to the roots of our commitment, the vows of our love,   
the purity of the morning dove,
Please look into my eyes and see the love we carried through the years, a love so deep it took away my fears.
In a heartbeat, life can end and you or I can slip away, and may not see another day. He turned and looked My direction, with eyes of teary affection, in soft whispers, we both prayed for protection.
We bid farewell, the story is too sad to tell, but the tears of my loss made my life a living hell.
I still see the love in his warm eyes, I feel the sorrow of his demise.
Each haunting moment, he is gone, I have little will to carry on.
A piece of earth that now holds his worth was blessed by the Highest, above.
My husband, my love, war has ended our union with casualty and despair,
but my shattered heart still beats with loving care. 
How I wish you were here...

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Loving Wife