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Youngest Witch

In the Land of Witch Island, lived a young Witch who could not make her broom fly.
Little Broomhilda, thought she would never see the Moonbeams dance by. 
Her broom was made of hard oak, so the vessel would not choke.
Halloween was near, and Witches cauldrons were bubbling while steaming vapors steeped;
The Vapors were ready to keep.
The Island was rocking, and Bats were talking, but Young Broomhilda, was sad, 
She could not fly she felt so left out of Halloween's festival flight that would be there in two nights.
Ghost and Goblins danced on the shore, Vampires, Werewolves were fighting, biting 
Loudly Howling at the moon, the night of terror would happen real soon. 
The youngest Witch attempts flight several times, each time she found she could not leave the ground. 
She looks to the skies with tearful eyes, she wished upon a star that she could fly far.
Something happened on that star-filled night, The eerie cackle's filled the air,
Broomhilda flew out of sight.
Wishing for all, a fun and safe Halloween delight!

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Youngest Witch