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Collective Evolution

Throughout history in one’s homeland or abroad
someone, rises up from underneath it’s sod for
humaities cause. Speaking words of freedom
and love not for only a chosen few but for us all.
Who will be the savior of humanity we’ve all
sought? The one who wipes out all diseases,
lays to rest the liars, haters and deceivers,
weapons of destruction and all wars ceases.
I wonder what it is going to take for us to
finally realize and decide we need to take
an Evolutionary collective stance? Do away
With all the politician’s pretense.
Coming to a place of understanding, won’t
happen believing there are no alternatives
to how things are done. It’s our collective
consciousness that needs expanding
We  do not need our hard earned money
spent on building more killing machines.
Allow the unfairness to our continual tax
Increase or the poison in the foods we eat.
Has anyone taken time to actually stand
back and question what the hell kind of
message is media sending? Projecting a
false reality which to me I find offending.
Manipulate our fears creating what if’s, as
though a fact. All the way to the bank you can
hear them laugh. Propagate more fear and hate
It’s their biggest investment and want it to last.
Where are all the free thinkers the movers and
shakers? Are we nothing more than sheep
walking half conscious and asleep Wakeup
our nation’s leaders are taking us down deeper.

In the mist of deceivers working in ways
to pitt you against me. Look around it is easy
to see, they carry a curtain distain. Individuals
who speak up are usually slandered or slain.

Change within any society happens by a collective 
choice. The form it takes can either be positive
or negative, which ever one will be created
and when comes forth,  life will be dictated.

Opinions in opposition to the possibility is
there's to keep. Believe as they do, but
This girl will never allow her hearts desire
to be disinbowled by any passerby fool.

The outside world is only a reflection of
our held judgements and beliefs. It is in
our perception that anything exists. that
said, unity in consciousness creates a shift

There is enough for all to live as they see
fit. Seems the majority of human beings are 
not able to comprehend such possibilites
exist. I believe the cause lays hidden called

The Matrix. 
Joy Hady
Oct 12 2018

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Collective Evolution