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Stay a Moment

          Stay a Moment
Come sit by my side and hold my hand
For I have grown old and can no long stand
          Stay a Minute
Press you hand to my heart and feel its beat
Once it was young and strong but now it's weak
          Stay an Hour
Bright eyes that once shined are now dim
Arms that held muscle now frail and thin.
          Stay a Day
So long ago a mind that knew so much
Old memories that I struggle to clutch
          Stay a Week
The brown of my hair has gone to silver
No longer the person I knew in the mirror
          Stay a Month
Stroke my forehead as you have before
I want to remember your touch evermore
          Stay a Year
Kiss me like we did when young at heart
From you I do not ever want to be apart
          Stay a Lifetime
The years gone sailing away in the night
Now there looms but just the final twilight
          Stay a Moment

                                          Edwin J. Smith
                                 Jack the Old Cowboy Poet
                                           Oct 12, 2018

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Stay a Moment

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