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Years of Pages

There was a small locket she would wear each day 
A single image of her mother and her self from long ago,
Calls out from the shelf;
She was approaching her late years, with a gentle wisdom
Her journal was filled with her years of youth
Each joy and sorrow, and meaningful truth,
She polished her glasses before she opened the pages
A paragraph of birth and death, the last words of her Fathers fading breath,
A settled peace that soothed her pain now weighed as a loss instead of gain
A lifted cloud with a silver lining was so defining.
The hour was late, now the Journal is back on the shelf
An unfinished chapter remains, the hour's slip with sands of time becoming golden grains
Tears and laughter, loss and gain now leaves a shadow of remembrance stain
The lifted heart no longer is restrained. Her soul whispers of forgotten pain.
Pages of the years flow in her heart strained tears and once again;
Danced throughout the years.

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Years of Pages (Revised)