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Rest My Love

So restless she watches him toss and turn, within his soul the flame of love burns
A fire of passion a warmth of attraction that flickers in the night.
A golden stream of light is captured in her glistening eyes through the ebony night.
The two rises to drift in soft silhouettes of the cast in the emerald sea, a warmth so plain and free.
A piece of hope fill their air with their love that is prospering there.
The years still speak their name, still restless and untamed the golden glow is captured in the southern mist.
His smile is so strong and wise a gentle bond that thrives, it pulsates sweet romance in his spirits dance.
A cool crisp Autumn midnight shows his frame so glistening pure, a gentle kiss from a heart that is true and sure.
Hold my dreams with care and meet me in our snare, a bit of Earthly Heaven will blossom in our love affair.
Husband and Wife are bonded in streaming stars and witness hope in silent whispers from afar.
The glow of their flame is dancing on Venus and Mars.
Night flames of two supernova stars are softly started in their dreams and rest the voice of nightly passion's screams.

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Rest my Love