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Call This Our Autumn

Its been a day of sun
and ripened apples red and green
and orange pumpkins still yet uncut
by squealing children, the young,the old
all delighted to have no rain.

Soon enough the showers will fall
but now I scuffle happily through the leaves...
Soon enough the leaves shall be browned mush
while blue skies turn to glowering grey
and winds blow hard and fast and keen.

So here we sit sipping cider milled.
So here we sit with nary a cloud calibrating above.
Here we sit bemused by this fair island of fine weather.
Knowing that luck can still bring good surprise
in a day
sun-shined, whisper-polished and autumn-kissed
a blushing autumnal love.

Packaged is this perfection
tied as a present
up in a azure blue bow.
To have you here to share this with
improves the moment more and
I grab your hand to tell you so.

Call me happy.
Call this our good luck.
Call this our autumn bliss.
Today is one of the better ones I've known...
Let's honor it with our kiss.

edits 2:31pm 10/15/18
legal copyright for this original poem
and also for this writer/author/poet
Melissa A. Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World
directly to the page with no edits
3:21pm PST October 14, 2018 time and date stamped.

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