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Five Card Draw

I won her in a card game
When her husband, the fool,
Somehow bluffed his way into
Our regular Poker school.
We took all his money,
Took the lot:
He staked a night with her
Against the last pot.
I won the hand but
That's as far as it went
I returned her to him because
Then I was still a bit of a gent.

We all became friends
And if she got the chance
She'd drag me off
For a bit of  a steamy dance.
I think in a way that lady
Had sort of objected
That I'd turned her down,
Felt she'd been rejected.
When she thought
He wasn't looking
She'd press up close so I knew
Everything could be cooking.

Rosenfest came around,
I knew I was being posted home
Three years I'd resisted and now
Time for hands and eyes to roam.
We smooched outside in
The warm night air,
Time at last to take
All that was on offer there.
Things progressing well
But it was not to be.
She gave a jerk midst a kiss
And was sick all over me.

I stood back shocked
And in dismay
As that lady staggered
Unsteadily away
All for the best I suppose
Because it meant in the end
All we three could remain
As good drinking friends.
In reality things would
Never have been the same
If I'd claimed my prize from
That past eventful Poker game,

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