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"Have I told You"

Have I not told you lately how I love you... so much?
Do not you hear it in the sound of my voice?
Or whenever I reach for you; pray not my loves lost its touch!
Have my arms not welcomed you; rejoicing the pleasure of your presence?
Another man you think thus! Yes! of course!
It's a man my love; a man of Life's Greater Essence!

No, my darling! Fear not my distance stare, or the solemnest of my array.
For the winds of change has blown me distant way.
Much work of my hands and blood of my tears in duty to be done.
Yet alas! Life's long lonely road may make me or break me.
Indeed, a battle fought on the narrow path of self to be won!

So yield at ease my pet, step aside and let things be.
You have no place in this: my journey, my strive, my test.
Nay, your power cannot aide or tarry with me.
For "You" can only pray__ and wish me the best.

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`Have I told You`