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"Do Not Disturb"


You should be ashamed of yourself, rocking my world turning me
into a young school girl.
-giggling and smiling with a secret on my mind, remembering
the funny things you did the last time;
-you called and had me talking in my sleep. Building memories
to hold dear, and forever keep.

Here I am at my age, growing hair with silver streaks, got me
feeling primed and at my peak.
Could not concentrate on my work to get it done, just thinking
bout when we're together having so much fun.
Boy... you're gonna get it the next time I see you, it will be
nights to remember when we get through.

Bring a lil tequila papi. I want to stay high to soar the skies,
like it's our time to fly!
From the sweet words coming from my lips, to the rhythmic motion
of my big hips.
Can't wait to be holding and squeezing you so tight__making love
to you with all my might!

We have to get together soon, I don't know-how. But like Luther
Vandross said..."I want you here and now"!
Eat a big meal daddy, cuz from Freaky-Friday till Hot-Fudge Sunday
we ain't coming up til the dawn of Monday.
Drop all the worries; throw em out to the curb;
hang a sign on the door..."Do Not Disturb".


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`Do Not Disturb`