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Speaking Earth

The Earth speaks of many things, of all the gifts she brings.
Deep beneath her soil lies her rich oil.
She has shared the story so often told: of her silver and her gold.
She has provided coal and copper, and still, she goes on giving to help our lives to thrive in a fruitful living.
She has made her plea known but the damage is what is shown.
She holds the wounds of atomic wars, near and far, we see her battle scars.
When she asked for repair we gave her despair.
When she asks for fresh air, with the hope of our loving care.
Listen to what she has to say before her goodness slips away. We need to see her as a friend and put destruction to an end.
Her voice carries to the whole "Human Family" we cannot deny, her request is justified.
So we must follow through to help her plight only then will she win the Fight.
She speaks to sister sky that brings the light to our eyes, loving care, is in great need, perhaps, the repair will proceed.
The Good Earth, our home that needs to know her worth.

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Speaking Earth