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Little Hands Big Smile

It was a priceless moment that warmed my heart.
His tiny hands touched my face, he smiled when I laughed
I held his warm little hands and kissed his tiny fingers with care;
So he toddles with his teddy bear in hand, as he braces across the sofa, 
Keeping his stand, his stance in life is unsteady but is an improving circumstance.
So I will read and sing to you when you need to visit sleep, health, and growth you must keep.
So off to dreamland where Teddy bears walk hand in hand and toy cars race across a peaceful land.
There will come a day when you need to hear, how your ways appeared.
Your determination and gentle play, so creative night or day.
Your first words you spoke, your first steps, your contagious laughter,
The joy you shared from then and thereafter, 
It was not so long ago your father reached out as you do today 
You grew so fast through your babyhood past, but; today I witness your heartwarming past one more time in the reflection of your shine.
So shine on in your ways, within your hope, the memories linger in the warmth of your hands and gentle tiny fingers.
Grow with the love that nurtures your well being, I will testify what I've shared with you, and what my eyes are seeing.
A glance of you is oh so freeing
Smile for me my little one your light shimmers in your childhood fun I will not forget how your love is Heaven Sent.
Peace and compassion are the priceless joys that always remain well spent. 

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Little Hands Big Smile